Monday, January 4, 2016

Primary One is finally upon us!

2016 is here and off our dear little boy goes to primary one. Goodbye to the safe and secure childcare environment that we have been so used to the pass 4 years.
It's Day 1 and I get to go along to school with him. Couldn't help feeling emotional and choked up when he trotted off into his class and again when they recited the morning prayers which I used to recite every morning years ago.

It was nice seeing him smiling a big smile each time he spotted me when looking around to see if I was there. So sad I can only tag along for one more day :(
I'm pretty sure he'll do fine on his own but right now it's just so hard to let go. Sigh! Silly mummy!

Dear Sammy, 
I hope you will like school,
I hope you will make some good friends,
I hope you will enjoy learning,
I hope you will grow up to be caring, kind and responsible,
I hope you will share with us daily about what goes on in school. 
You're growing up fast and sometimes it feels like mummy can't catch up with how fast the days are passing. 
Be strong and brave! 

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Yesterday I noticed that the little boy's bottom front adult teeth were cutting through his gums from behind his milk teeth. He was excited with the thought that he was growing up and getting bigger.
That night it later dawned on me how fast he's growing up... My little boy is fast growing into a little man and I kinda felt a little sad. Time seems to be passing to fast. It seemed like it wasn't too long ago that he was flashing us gummy grins. Sigh!

Monday, July 20, 2015

What?? Primary one already?!

Seriously need a slow down button somewhere! In a matter of months time my little man will be going to primary one!! Gosh...! All grown up already? But mummy's not ready for P1 yet!! *bawls*
Not exactly really looking forward to it given the stressful education standards we have here in SG. Sigh, and the thoughts of 6am mornings and homework battles are another thing. 
Weekends will definitely become more precious from then on and shall try to plan fun activities for him as much as possible!

20th July, we have registered Samuel for Saint Gabriel's Primary School. We were #19 for day 1 of phase 2B. Waiting for the registration, it still felt surreal for me somehow.
We are hoping for the best this evening when the MOE website gets updated after 7pm, please.... No balloting please!!!  

Monday, January 26, 2015


The smallys have started taking swimming lessons! It's been 2 lessons so far.
Well, big smally has gotten from being fearful to having fun but small smally has gone from fun to fearful! Geez, so she's going to stop lessons. Pity though coz we thought she was doing great.

Awww what a cutie in that suit!

It's just that she can't seem to get the hang of breath holding when underwater. Oh well, we will try again maybe later in the year.
She was a little sore about it when I told her we'll be stopping her lessons. She attempted to protest by claiming she can kick water which means she can swim.
After her feeble attempts she was resigned that she won't be having classes and proceeded to say that she would be staying home and won't be going to watch korkor swim. Hurhur... What a feisty cutie! :p 

Update: cutie didn't stop lessons... She managed to muster her courage and carry one! Way to go!:)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The best cooker!

Made brown rice salmon porridge for last Saturday morning's breakfast and was rewarded with the 'Best Cooker Award' by the little boy:
"Mummy you are the best cooker because you cook porridge for daddy me and meimei today! I like mummy!"
And he said that with a big smile on his face.
I'm glad a simple gesture like this can make you so happy my little Sammy!:)

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Ask any mummy what she wished she had more of.. And she'd probably tell you Time. Well, at least that's what I'd say!

I'd wish that time would pass slower... Maybe that'll be possible if we had more hours in a day...

I'd have a chance to spend more time with them, slowly watching them grow up n enjoying every minute of it.
I'd be able to wear them and bring them about with me for a longer time.
Then I'd have more time to bring the kids out to have fun at the zoo, the beach, the various interesting exhibits around town and not worry about nap time coming up,
I'd have time to read more to them,
have time to play and play and play with them,
have time to hug them all day and not hv to do anything else,
To do all these for a longer time so that I could build more memories before they grow up.

Time, passing too fast.. making it so so precious!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Byebye baby... Off to school

Our little cutie is off to school today. Time sure seems to fly by too fast n our last little bird is now hopping out the nest to school.
I hope she takes to school well. But I'll miss being bossed around the house.
I'll miss picking her pretty outfits to wear for the day.

I'll miss her dancing to Hi5.
I'll miss her lying on me n watching tv.
I'll miss planning little activities which she will enjoy for 10 minutes or so...

I'll miss lazing around the house with her and annoying her with little kisses and squeezes.

I'll miss making her little snacks and meals.
I'll miss taking afternoon naps with her n holding hands.

I'll miss lugging her out to shopping trips and lamenting how heavy she is n naughty for refusing to walk sometimes!
I'll miss my little baby girl... Coz she's growing up too fast! :(